US Issue Molle II Rucksack ACU Load Lifter Attachment

Genuine Issue
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The Genuine Issue Load Lifter Attachments, specifically designed for the US-issue MOLLE II rucksack. These attachments are ingeniously designed to enhance your backpacking experience. By tightening them, you can effortlessly draw the top of your backpack closer to your body, significantly increasing comfort and stability. These load lifter attachments prevent swaying and ensure a secure load, allowing you to conquer any terrain with ease while maintaining optimal weight distribution. Enjoy a balanced backpacking experience with Genuine Issue Load Lifter Attachments.

  • Foliage Color for the ACU Digital (UCP) Large Molle II Ruck Sack but can be used with the OCP and Multicam Rucks as well
  • Genuine Issue
  • SOLD INDIVIDUALLY if a pair is need please select quantity 2



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