.50 Cal. Metal Ammo Can - US Military Issued M2A1

U.S. Government Issue
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The 50 caliber ammo can was designed to carry the powerful 50 caliber ammunition, but they have many other uses! These government contracted cans are good condition, but some may have marks or writing on them. Finding issue cans in large quantities can be difficult, but Military Depot makes a point to hunt them down and keep them on hand for those who know and care about American Quality. These 50 caliber ammo cans are water proof, multi-purposeful, and built to last a lifetime

  • Genuine U.S. military issue
  • Sturdy steel construction is built to last
  • Rubber O-ring protects contents from dust and moisture
  • Swing-up carry handle for easy transport
  • Front metal latch with metal handle securely keeps can closed
  • Holds 7 boxes of 2-3/4" 12 Gauge shells or use it for perfect weapon storage


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